General Approach

We are often asked by potential ValuePRO users how their data will be imported and cut over from their old system to their new ValuePRO application with as little downtime in between as possible.

Our general approach is to firstly import a snapshot of your data at least a few weeks prior to going live on ValuePRO. This gives you time to assess the import and check that all your required data has been imported as you've expected it to be.

Once you agree that we've got the import right, we then focus our energy on ensuring that we can script and process your import without any manual steps on our part. This makes it a repeatable, tested procedure that can be easily done multiple times in short timeframes if necessary.

You are then free to choose between two possible approaches to importing your data:

  1. Live Cut Over (most complex approach) or;
  2. Staged Cut Over (recommended approach)


1. Live Cut Over (most complex approach)

How It Works

After developing a push button procedure that can be run overnight or over a weekend, we schedule in a cut off attempt date.

Starting on the late afternoon, we proceed to shutdown or stop running your live systems. We then transfer the data and files to our server via the internet.

We proceed to run our pre-tested import procedure. If all runs as planned, we call you to ask you to run a final test before making your new system live.

If there is a non-recoverable error in the outage timeframe we have, we cancel the cut over and reschedule for the next opportunity.

Otherwise, the import is then complete and the following morning your users are free to start using the new system.


  • Instant transition to new system
  • Immediate identification of problems and issues due to the high intensity of use
  • Users get instant access to all legacy data in their new system from day 1


  • Additional cost as you are paying for after hours support resources to process and monitor the import for you outside of normal business hours
  • High pressure and high expectations
  • Very difficult technical challenge - possible unknowns on the day
  • Complexity increases if multiple different systems need to be cut over simultaneously
  • Most other database systems do not have the same job state management concepts as ValuePRO - so exact job status may not translate to ValuePRO accurately during the transition

Ideal For

Large firms with hundreds of current jobs on the go at the same time

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