Divert Incoming Faxes into ValuePRO (optional)

ValuePRO allows you to redirect your incoming faxes from your existing fax number into the application. These faxes are processed and placed into the ValuePRO Fax Center inbox that can be monitored by a number of users at once. These faxes can then be used to create new valuation jobs or be attached as documents to an existing valuation job.

How you choose to setup inbound faxing within your firm will depend on the existing infrastructure you have, your access to low cost call diversion rates from your fax provider and how well established your existing fax number is with your customers.

There are 3 possible methods that you can choose from, each with their own pros and cons.

  1. *21...# - Simple Call Forwarding or
  2. Direct Dial or
  3. Forward by Email

Some firms with multiple offices are used to dealing with faxes arriving on separate lines. For example, a business with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane may have clients that are used to faxing to local numbers in each state depending on which office they are doing business with at the time.

By using ValuePRO to receive faxes, you are no longer constrained into thinking about your business as separate geographical offices. Any office could in theory process faxes received for another office. Some firms, when they move to ValuePRO, change their fax line to a national 1300 number that is diverted to our fax service. All faxes from all offices are then processed via a single inbox.

Alternatively, you may decide to keep having separate fax lines for each office and to have the ability to filter your list of faxes based on the fax line it was sent to. ValuePRO has support for an unlimited number of fax lines and will automatically show which fax line a fax came in on. Inbound faxes can also be automatically filtered based on which office an admin user is assigned to.

If you wish to have multiple inbound lines, please contact ValuePRO sales to arrange for this. A cost may be involved in maintaining each additional line on a monthly basis.


1. Simple Call Forwarding

How To Do It

If you choose this method, ValuePRO will issue you with a local number in your nearest state capital city. This will be your ValuePRO internal fax line. Whenever a fax is sent via call forwarding to this number, it will appear instantly in your ValuePRO system.

To divert all of your existing fax traffic to ValuePRO, you simply walk up to your current fax machine, pick up the handset and dial *21- the number we provide you -#.

Then send a test fax to your own officially list number - you can even do so from your own fax machine - and a minute or two later, you should see the fax appear in ValuePRO.

NOTE: You should remove any existing "fax stream" services provided by your fax provider on your fax line prior to establishing the call diversion to ValuePRO.


  • Simple and quick to setup
  • No additional cost to ValuePRO users
  • Supports unlimited inbound simultaneous fax transmissions - never busy
  • Extremely reliable
  • Easy to cancel divert if service fails and re-establish when back online


  • In rural areas, you pay long distance rates to get a diversion (check whether your fax provider can reduce this by special promotions)

Ideal For

Small businesses, metropolitan locations, mid-sized firms with a lot of offices, large firms with no existing electronic fax processing infrastructure.

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2. Direct Dial

How To Do It

If you choose this method, ValuePRO will issue you with a local number in your nearest state capital city. This will be your external fax line that you advertise with your business. Whenever a fax is sent to this number, it will appear instantly in your ValuePRO system.

You simply need to advertise to existing clients that your fax number has changed.


  • No call diversion charges


  • No backup system when there is a service fault

Ideal For

Small businesses that are cost conscious. Businesses that receive low volumes of fax traffic and would not be adversely affected by a very infrequent service outage.

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3. Forward by Email

How To Do It

If you choose this method, it means that you already have in place infrastructure at your end that can convert your inbound fax traffic into an email.

ValuePRO supports receiving faxes to an email gateway - generally listed as fax@[your ValuePRO company domain].com.

The general format we will process is PDF (print permission must be allowed) and/or multi-page TIF.

Faxes sent to us in TIF format will be automatically converted to PDF. All inbound faxes will have individual page thumbnails generated. The original TIF file will be stored on ValuePRO servers but will not be visible to your users.

We will process the subject line of the email to extract the sender's identifier or caller ID. Make sure your fax server software can provide the caller ID in the message subject line - this will increase the usefulness of the ValuePRO fax processing system for you. Having the caller ID helps ValuePRO automatically associate the sender's fax number with your existing client cards, further speeding up data entry for your admin staff.

Do not send faxes to your valuations@[your ValuePRO company domain].com address that we provide you for general email. ValuePRO processes faxes differently and in an optimised manner that lets users get more out of faxes when sent to the correct address.


  • You have total control of your fax infrastructure


  • You have total responsibility for your fax infrastructure
  • Some fax server software and modems cannot include the caller ID in the subject line of the email - this is a sub-optimal result for your admin staff

Ideal For

Businesses with the capital and internal expertise to run systems such as these.

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