Setup ValuePRO Backup (optional)

ValuePRO Backup is a software tool that makes it easy for you to run local backups of your ValuePRO data onto a local machine or server on your own network. In a disaster recovery scenario, we may require you to provide your backups to us urgently in order to restore services to you in the fastest possible timeframe.

Pre-installation Requirements

You must install this software on the machine which you intend to run the application day to day. This machine should have a substantial amount of available hard disk space. We recommend provisioning at least 10Gb per licensed ValuePRO user per year of operation - this is more than you require but will ensure that you have ample space for years to come.

You may also decide to have a tape or off-site backup process running on the machine you are using for ValuePRO backups. This is recommended. An added safety feature is to ensure that the hard drive where you will store your backup data is mirrored (eg: 2 physical hard drives that mirror each others content). This will allow you to recover quickly if one of the two hard drives was to physically fail for any reason.

You should also be logged into your backup server using the Administrator account. You must be running Microsoft Windows Vista or above on your backup server in order to run ValuePRO Backup.


Who Should Install and Run ValuePRO Backup

We recommend that only ValuePRO Master Users are involved in installing and configuring ValuePRO Backup. We also assume a degree of knowledge about your network and how you are configured to access the internet. If you have any doubts about the requirements and settings in this user guide, you should seek on-site technical support services from your local IT consultant.

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How Much Does ValuePRO Backup Cost?

All customers with a perfect payment track record will receive ValuePRO Backup free of charge. Those clients with a history of payment arrears can purchase the software for a one-time fee of $995 ex GST.

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Install & Setup Process

ValuePRO will provide you with a link to download a copy of the ValuePRO Backup tool in a compressed file format (ZIP file). You will need to download this file and extract the installer from the ZIP file onto the machine that you intend to run the application.

1. Install the software on the computer

Run the extracted installer file and use the installation wizard to install the ValuePRO Backup tool on your computer. Once the software has finished installing, run the ValuePRO Backup Client tool.

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2. Add a new backup profile

Once the ValuePRO Backup tool is running, go to the File menu and click on Add Profile to start creating your backup profile.

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3. Edit and create backup profile

ValuePRO will supply you with the following details for your backup profile:

  • Profile Name
  • Remote Server URL
  • Login Email
  • Login Password

Enter the supplied details into the appropriate fields for the profile and press the Create Profile button (1). You will receive a confirmation alert once the profile is created successfully and your new profile will be available in the profile list.

NOTE: Ensure that there are no spaces in the Profile Name field and that the Restore Profile checkbox is not ticked.

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4. Add a folder to store backup files

Next you need setup a folder against your new profile to tell the ValuePRO Backup tool where to store the files that has backed up. This can be a folder located on the computer or potentially a folder on a portable hard drive attached to the computer.

In the profile list in the left hand side panel, right click on the new profile that you just created and select Add a folder/file (2). Browse through to the drive and folder that you want your backups to be stored in. Best practice is to store the backup in a folder labeled ValuePRO Backup (3).

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5. Perform Initial Sync

When the profile is created and associated with a folder on the computer, you will need to perform a manual initial sync by clicking the Synchronize button (4) to establish communication with the server to confirm that the setup on your computer is correct.

After the initial sync has completed, you will need to contact ValuePRO support to confirm that you have setup and configured the software on the computer and performed the initial sync. The initial sync is very quick, taking less than a minute.

Once confirmed, ValuePRO will enable the backup service fully to allow you to start downloading data to your computer.

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6. Backup Schedule

Once ValuePRO has fully enabled the backup service, the next sync will begin downloading files and folders (5) that contain your data to your computer. As the backup sync process can be quite intensive, we strongly recommend performing the sync out side of normal business hours.

You can run this next sync manually, however we recommend setting up the backup process to run on a schedule. This can be setup using the Scheduler tab (6) in the Backup options panel.

We recommend running ValuePRO Backup once per week, preferably over a weekend (Saturday or Sunday). We believe a weekly run is the ideal balance between the security of having a recent copy of your data and bandwidth and performance costs.

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