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The Job History tab allows the user to review past actions performed against the job, along with the user who performed the action and the date and time the action was recorded.

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Job History View

The Job History view provides the user with a list of all the actions that were tracked against the job. It displays actions performed both by users (1) or automated actions performed by the system (2).

Each list items displays the history item text in black text (3), while the name of the user and the date and time stamp appears in gray text (4) below the history item text.

Master users will also be shown a [ X ] button (5) beside each history item, which will allow them to delete an item if they choose to do so.

At the foot of the Job History view, all users will see the Add Note Section (6), which allows users to enter comments regarding the job directly into the Job History.

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Add Note Section

As mentioned above, the Add Note section allows users to enter comments or notes regarding the job directly into the Job History. When these comments or notes are added, an internal flag is set against the history item to indicate that the item was entered as a user comment, as opposed to a system activity.

This internal flag is useful as it works in conjunction with the Job View page filter on both the My Current Jobs tab and the Work In Progress tab.

To add a user comment to the Job History, users can either type the comment text of their choosing into the Enter New Job Note/Activity field (1) or click the ellipsis button [ ... ] (2) beside the field to access the lookup list.

The user can then choose an option (3) from the list (note that the list of options is the default ValuePRO list, however the options can be customised), which will place the option text into the activity field.

The user can also choose to tick the Notify Client checkbox (4) if they wish to send an email with the activity text to the Client assigned to the job. If the checkbox is left un-ticked, the user comment is simply added to the Job History with no email generated.

Once done, the user can simply click the Add Note button (5) to add the note to the Job History.

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General Client Notification Email Template

If the user has the Notify Client checkbox ticked and clicks the Add Note button, the user comment will be added to the Job History list (1) and the Send Email window will pop up with the General Client Notification email template (2) pre-loaded.

The user comment text that was just entered will be added to the Message text (3) and the Client's email address from the Job card will be added to the To field (4).

The user simply needs to review the information on the email template and, if required, make any minor modifications, then press the Send button to send the email to the Client.

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