Importing from PropertyPRO

ValuePRO has pre-built, well tested and used procedures for importing your existing data in any published edition of PropertyPRO, including version 1, 2 and 200 as well as the web edition. Out process for importing PropertyPRO data boils down to receiving your data file in MS Access format. This is the most reliable file format we can receive to import your data. Any version of MS Access is supported by ValuePRO for data imports.

PropertyPRO 1.0 and MS Access based editions

If you are running PropertyPRO 1.0, then your data is already stored in MS Access format and you simply need to copy your file called: PropertyPRO_be.mdb from your PropertyPRO server.

We recommend zipping the entire folder where this file is located and providing the file to us.

PropertyPRO 2000 and SQL Server/MSDE Based Editions

If you have data in this format, then we recommend that you allow us to remotely access your PropertyPRO server via remote desktop or other technology (eg. Log Me In) and handle the data export for you.

If you cannot provide remote access to this server, then please have a qualified IT consultant call us for instructions on how to handle the export from MSDE to MS Access format.

If you are an experienced MS Access user and have administrator access to your PropertyPRO server, then you can follow these steps to export the file to MS Access for us:

  1. Open MS Access on the server or on a workstation with Administrator privileges to your PropertyPRO server
  2. Create a New Empty Database
  3. Select File, Get External Data, Import Tables
  4. In the file open prompt, change the file type to ODBC Data Sources
  5. In the ODBC Data Sources pop up window, change tabs to System Data Source
  6. Press the New button
  7. You will see a pop up list of possible data source types - scroll down to the bottom and choose the option that says SQL Server
  8. A new window will pop up - enter "PPro" as the data source name
  9. Add in a description if you choose
  10. Press Next
  11. In the Server drop down box, select your PropertyPRO server - it will be called something like \\SERVER\PROPERTYPRO
  12. In the authentication section, leave the settings as Use Trusted Connection
  13. Press Next
  14. In the Database drop down list, select PropertyPRO Data
  15. Press Next, Test the Connection and press Finish
  16. You should then be presented a list of System data sources including the one you've just created. Select it and press OK
  17. Now you should be presented with a large number of tables to select - a lot of these tables will be prefaced by "pp_..." or "prow_...". Highlight all of the tables by holding down Control and A. Then press OK and wait for the tables to all import
  18. Press OK for any warning messages or prompts that come up in the interim
  19. Now go back to step 3 and repeat up to and including step 7
  20. Now enter "PProImages" as the data source name
  21. Repeat step 11, 12 and 13
  22. In the database drop down box, select PropertyPRO_images
  23. Repeat steps 15, 16, 17 and 18
  24. Back in Access, choose Tools, Database Utilities, Compact and Repair - this will reduce the overall size of the database
  25. Then close the MS Access file and zip it up
  26. The file is then ready to ship to ValuePRO


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