Divert Incoming Emails into ValuePRO (optional)

ValuePRO allows you to forward your incoming administrative and sales emails and attachments into the application. These emails are processed and placed into the ValuePRO Email Center inbox that can be monitoring by a number of users at once. These emails and their attachments can then be used to create new valuation jobs or be attached as documents to an existing valuation job.

You will need to contact your existing email provider to setup what's know as a "store and forward" on your main email accounts to the secret internal email address supplied by ValuePRO. This is usually formatted as valuations@[your ValuePRO company domain].com. You will still be able to receive your email normally through your mail software but now it will also send a copy into the ValuePRO email center.

Diverting your email into your ValuePRO application can and should be done prior to going live on the application. Having real emails flow into your system is a great way to run pre-go-live testing and training.

ValuePRO automatically processes some types of file attachments to your emails to make it easier for you to work with documents being sent to you in a variety of formats. We also add the ability, wherever possible, to give you a thumbnail preview of document attachments to your emails.

To ensure your security, the following file types for attachments to emails are supported as follows:

  • Microsoft Word files (.DOC & .DOCX) - Fully supported with documents automatically converted to PDF and thumbnail previews generated.
  • Microsoft Excel files (.XLS & .XLSX) - Fully supported with documents automatically converted to PDF and thumbnail previews generated.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint/Publisher - Partially supported where documents can be downloaded to a desktop PC but are not automatically converted to PDF or have thumbnail previews.
  • PDF files - Fully supported with thumbnail previews generated.
  • Image files (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF) - Fully supported, however your must be able to open the image on a desktop computer to be processed by ValuePRO - ie corrupted files will not be processed by ValuePRO
  • Video/Audio files (AIFF, MOV, WMV, WMA, MP3, MP4, AVI) - Fully supported where you can download and play any common format video and audio file.
  • ZIP files - Fully support where you can download and extract the documents contained within a ZIP file.
  • HTML files - Fully supported with document attachments in HTML format automatically converted to PDF and thumbnail previews generated.
  • All others (EXE, BAT, SCR, DLL, etc...) - Not supported. All other file formats, particularly any format that contains executable code that could run on your desktop PC cannot be downloaded from ValuePRO. They will show in the file list but cannot be downloaded by a user. You can forward the email and any attachments to another email address.
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