Batch Geo-coding of Imported Data

There are many geo-spatial and mapping functions built into ValuePRO. A critical requirement to using these mapping features is ensuring that each job and sale recorded in your database has a corresponding latitude, longitude and precision value. The process of converting a raw street address or lot and title number into a precise latitude and longitude pair is called "Geo-Coding".

All new jobs and sales are automatically geo-coded for you by ValuePRO as you add them.

Geo-coding large volumes of addresses, such as when we import a batch of historical jobs, is a slow and expensive process - often taking days and weeks depending on how many tens of thousands of records need geo-coding.

The accuracy we are able to achieve is influenced by the completeness of the addresses you've recorded in your existing systems. Omitting a street number or a post code for example, will reduce the accuracy substantially.

In your first trial import of data from your existing systems, we will not run any of these geo-coding processes. Only after you have gone live with ValuePRO and all your legacy data has been imported to your satisfaction, we will then commence progressive geo-coding in the background.

This process can take up to one month to complete or more in extreme cases.

We always geo-code from most recent to least recently entered data, ensuring that the data you are most likely to re-use has been geo-coded first.


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