Workstation Activation

What is Workstation Activation?

When logging into ValuePRO from a new computer that you have not used previously, you will be prompted to activate your workstation for first use as a security measure. Once you have successfully entered your user name and password, ValuePRO will send you a unique one-time activation code to the email address registered against your user account.

The workstation activation process substantially increases the security of accessing your ValuePRO application. By sending an activation code by email, we are using a second system to validate your identity. Without access to your own email account, a potential intruder would not be able to log in to your ValuePRO application, even if they happen to have seen your user name and password.

For most users, this is a one-time process that should take approximately 60 seconds to complete.

When used in airport lounges and other one-time use scenarios, this process removes any risk of users watching over your shoulder and re-entering the same details to gain access to your system.

The activation process also gives your ValuePRO Master User access to a number of tools and monitoring processes that can alert them to any potentially fraudulent attempts to use your system and data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The workstation process is specific to a computer, not a user account. If you activate a workstation for your office computer, you will still need to activate your workstation for your home computer, even if you activate using the same user account.


1. The Activation Screen

If you have entered a correct user name and password, you will be directed to the screen shown below. ValuePRO will now send you a unique one-time activation code to your email address. This verifies your identity by making sure that you have access to the email account registered against your account in ValuePRO.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ValuePRO will not tell you which email address the activation code has been sent to. If you have multiple email addresses and are not sure which one the activation email has been sent to, contact your local ValuePRO master user.

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2. Check your Email for the Activation Code

You should receive an automatically generate email from ValuePRO which will contain your workstation activation code (1). Copy the activation code and paste it into the Workstation Activation Code field (2) in the ValuePRO application.

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3. Set Activation Options

Before pressing the Activate Workstation button, choose the activation options for your current session.

For the Workstation Expiry option (3), choose:

  • One time use - Choose this option if this is an airport lounge computer or internet kiosk or a computer you are sure you will not use again in the future. The workstation activation will expire immediately after you log out of the ValuePRO application, ensuring that no one can easily log into your system after you walk away from the computer.
  • Today only - Choose this option if you are going to be using a temporary computer for the day and plan to log in and out multiple times during the day. The workstation activation will expire at 12 midnight.
  • 30 Days - Choose this option if you are going to be using a temporary computer for more than a day. The workstation activation will expire 30 days from the day it was activated.
  • One Year - Choose this option if this is a computer on which you will be using ValuePRO everyday, either at the office or at home. For most users, this will be the most common option. The workstation activation will expire 1 year from the day it was activated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the workstation activation has expired, you will need to repeat the activation procedure in order to log in again.

For the Restrict Access option (4), choose:

  • Checked - Choose this option if you want to prevent any other user accounts from logging into ValuePRO on your computer. Use this option if you are sure that other users should not be logging into ValuePRO from your computer.
  • Unchecked - Choose this option if this is a shared computer or you occasionally let other people from your firm work at your computer.

Once you have selected your activation options, press the Activate Workstation (5) button to continue logging into ValuePRO.

The next time you log into ValuePRO from the same computer, you will no longer need to run through this procedure until such time as your workstation activation has expired.

If you want to cancel out of the workstation activation process and return to the Login page, press the Cancel Activation (6) button.

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