Workstation Activation Troubleshooting

Below are some of the most common questions that we receive regarding the workstation activation security feature.

I get an error that says that my workstation activation code is incorrect?

Check that you have correctly re-typed the code from your activation email. The activation code is case sensitive. Do not add a full stop or spaces after the activation code.

If you have entered an incorrect code, you will need to log in again which will automatically regenerate a new activation code and send it by email again. You only get one chance to enter it correctly. Make sure you use the activation code from the latest activation email you have received.

Activation codes expire automatically if not used within 3 hours (or less if your ValuePRO administrator has chosen to restrict this further).

I don't receive the activation email.

The likeliest causes are:

  • Your firewall or Junk Mail filters are blocking your access to the email - check with your network administrator/email provider about ensuring the ValuePRO activation emails are sent to your account correctly. Also check your junk mail folders in your mail software (Outlook, Webmail, etc).
  • The email address registered against your account in ValuePRO does not correspond to to your usual email account. Consult with your local ValuePRO master user who can check which email address the activation emails are being sent to.
  • Your ValuePRO master user may have made a configuration change mistake - they should contact ValuePRO for assistance.

I've activated my workstation successfully, but then a little while later ValuePRO is asking me to activate again.

It's likely that you've accidentally deleted your temporary internet files and "cookies" - these files are used by ValuePRO to identify your workstation. If you are clearing your temporary files, make sure you select the appropriate option to note remove any cookies.

I've received a warning that this web site wants to place a cookie on my browser - should I accept?

ValuePRO relies on being able to place a cookie (a temporary file with your unique workstation information) on your web browser's temporary internet files. If you don't accept the placement of a cookie, ValuePRO will not be able to identify your workstation and will not allow you to login.

I get an error that says I'm not allowed to log in from this workstation?

You are probably attempting to log in from a workstation that has been locked to another user's account or you local ValuePRO master user has put in place restrictions on which workstations you are allowed to log in from.

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