Action Update

Action update will allow the Valuation Firm to provide a status update to the client to confirm that the valuation is progressing, however there is an activity occurring that is outside of the standard valuation process – however this is not a “delay” caused by the client.

An Action Update will act like a Delay, in the sense that it will not remove other status, like, appointment & inspected, however, when applied it will be the primary status of the job.

Marking the Job as Inspected will remove any previous Action Update (like a delay). However, an Action Update can be applied after an Inspection has been confirmed (like a delay).

When a Delay is applied to a Job already, the Action Update will not override the Delay. The Action Update will be applied as a sub status to the Delay on the Job, the Delay will remain the Primary Status. If an Action Update is on a Job and then a Delay is applied, the Delay will become the primary status of a Job, and the Action Update will not be removed, but will become a secondary status on the job.

To submit the Action Update from ValuePRO users will need to fill in Valex Action update and Valex Action Update Comments on the Inspection tab of the Status window similar to the below screenshot and click on Save Changes.


Now press the Send button and change the Select Event to Action Update to trigger the Action Update email template. Once the XML has loaded as per the screenshot below, press the Send button to submit.



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