Send Report / Report Approved for Release

This workflow event is triggered when the job status is set to Report Approved for Release, when the job is set to Approved from the Review & Approve screen, or when the Send button is clicked from the job card.

For this example, we will demonstrate the valuer/typist setting the job status to Report Approved for Release.

NB: As advised during staff training, the Send Report function is intended only to be used to force sending of a report, for example to an additional recipient.  When initially releasing a job to the client the Report Approved for Release status should be set.

To set Report Approved for Release, click the Status of the job from the Work in Progress list to open the Status popup.



From the Status popup, select the Report Approved for Release status option, then click the Change Status Button.


You will now be prompted with the Report Approved for Release reply packet to ValEx. If the job fails either schema or compliance checks, the user will receive an alert warning stating that the job has failed compliance and the QA Checks page will pop up automatically for the user to identify and resolve any errors. These are triggered from ValEx system and not from ValuePRO. Once the QA checks are corrected, user can simply click the Send button to queue this message to be sent to ValEx.




QA window will be similar to the above screenshot. The Compliance Validation are triggered by Valex.


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