Valuer Allocated

1. Selected valuer is not set up for this LIXI partner


The valuer allocated to this job (default: Registered Valuer) has not had their ValEx valuer code entered into ValuePRO.  Alternatively, this error will also appear if no valuer has been assigned to this job.  LIXI valuer codes can be obtained by contacting the ValEx support team, and should then be sent to ValuePRO technical support.

NB: If a valuer has recently been added to ValEx please inform ValuePRO technical support of their ValEx valuer code to avoid encountering this error.


2. Job assigned to different office than valuer


The ValEx office code for the default office of the valuer assigned to this job (default: Registered Valuer) differs from the ValEx office code for the office to which this job is assigned.  Alternatively, this error will also appear if no assigned office has been selected for this job.

To resolve this error, either change the assigned valuer’s default office in the corresponding valuer card, or reassign the job to the valuer’s default office.  If you have believe that both the valuer’s default office and the job’s assigned office should have the same ValEx office code, please contact ValuePRO technical support.


3. This valuer allocation is currently queued to be sent to the selected LIXI partner


This job already has a Valuer Allocated packet queued to be sent back to ValEx.  You will not be able to enqueue another packet unless this packet fails to send or be accepted.


4. This valuer allocation has already been sent to the selected LIXI partner


ValEx have already been sent and have accepted a packet notifying them of the assignment of the selected valuer to this job.  This error will not appear if the job has been reallocated; that is, this message will only appear if the selected valuer is the same valuer listed in the last accepted Valuer Allocated packet for this job.


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