Instructions Accepted/Declined

When a new job has been assigned to your firm on the ValEx system, a packet will be sent by ValEx to ValuePRO, which will appear in your system as a new valuation request.

The job status of this job initially will be Order Received.  You can then either Accept or Decline this job.

To Accept or Decline the job, click the Status of the job from the Work in Progress list to open the Status popup.



From the Status popup, select Instructions Registered to Accept the job, or Instructions Declined to Decline the job.  After making your selection, click the Change Status Button.



You will now be prompted with the corresponding reply packet to ValEx.  Note that the Send by selector is set to XML – this is the message format required for communications with ValEx.

Simply click the Send button to queue this message to be sent to ValEx.



If selecting Instructions Declined, user must select a reason in the field Valex Decline Reason, if the reason selected is “Insufficientfeeforvaluationwouldconductfor” then ValEx requires you to fill in the Valex Decline amount. Once these details are filled and save, user can click on Instructions Declined status which will then trigger the generation of the “Instructions Declined” email template. Once the XML has loaded as per the screenshot below, press the send button to decline the quote request.


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