Inspection Appointment Delayed

1. You must enter a reason for this delay


No reason was entered for this delay.  Click OK to the error message then refresh the Send Packet confirmation screen to be prompted for a delay reason.

NB: When entering a delay via the Inspection popup it is not possible to save the delay without having first entered a reason.  The only way to receive this error is to enter an Inspection Delay Notified date in the job card without entering a Reason for Inspection Delay.  This is strongly discouraged as the job card does not implement the same checks and warnings and should be used to update inspection and delay details in special cases.


2. You must set a due date for this job later than today


ValEx require an “expected valuation date” to be noted against all delays, which must be later than the current date.  This value is taken from the Date Due field from this job.




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