List of Jobs

To edit a job, tapping on the address will highlight the job and refresh the job card associated with the job.


The list of fields will also be refreshed and will display the list of fields associated with the selected icon.

When in portrait mode the list of jobs is hidden until you tap the “List of Jobs” button, after selecting a job the list of jobs will be hidden. You may also tap to the right of the list of jobs to hide the list without selecting another job.


A typical list of jobs is shown below, it consists of a search field, a view selection tool allowing the jobs to be displayed in differing orders and the jobs themselves.


Searching for a job

Entering text in the job search fields will restrict the list of jobs to those whose address matches the entered text.

The search will ignore that case of the address & the entered text.



Portfolio jobs

It is possible that a job may have one or more portfolio detail jobs.

The job and portfolio detail job are both displayed with the portfolio detail job indented as shown in the following screenshot.



if there are multiple portfolio detail jobs for the same address, then they are grouped together.



If your instance supports it and "Continuous Updates" is in use then a new portfolio detail job may be created by either

  • tapping on the plus button on the portfolio header job.
  • tapping on the "..." button and then tapping on clone job.


Before creating the new job, it is possible to make changes to the address, the report template and data entry template for the job to be created.


on tapping done, the job will be created and will automatically be displayed for editing.


Calendar view

The calendar view lists the jobs on the device in inspection date order


Inspecting view

The inspecting view shows the list of jobs in job number order and is the default view.


All view

The all view displays a list of jobs that are not currently on the device but may be downloaded to the device in the background.

Tapping on the cloud icon will initiate a download.


When a job is being downloaded the cloud icon turns into an animated activity indicator which if tapped will cancel the download.


Once the job has been downloaded it will be removed from the all view and appear in the inspecting view. Tapping on a newly downloaded job will display the job loading screen before the job is displayed.


(This screen is only displayed when loading a job for the first time after it has been downloaded)


Display current Jobs on Map

Tapping on the map button will display the current job on the "Jobs Map" screen.

Tapping on a pin will display the address in a popup window.

Tapping on the info button on the popup will change the job being edited to the job.




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