Other Ruler Types

Run Rise Rulers

The run rise ruler allow you to measure a diagonal lines by measuring the distance in 2 orthogonal directions.

Move a single building Ruler

These rulers allow you to move one building with respect to all the other buildings on the page.

Scale a single building ruler

This ruler allows you to change the scale on 1 building without affecting any other buildings on the same page.

Angle Ruler

The angle ruler allows you to ensure the angles between 2 lines is correct.

When measuring angles there are 2 lines drawn on the diagram, a purple line and a blue line. The angle displayed on the ruler is the angle between these 2 lines.

The gray circles on the sketch are shortcuts to 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315 degrees. Tapping on one of these shortcuts will change the angle of the line to that value.

The Icons on the ruler also act as shortcuts to multiple of 45 degrees.

If the angle is an exact multiple of 45 degrees then the angle will be filled in, otherwise it will appear as an arc.

Rotate Building Ruler

This ruler allows you to rotate a single building.

Ruler Icons

There are a number of Icons that can be clicked on.

This Icon is only displayed when the Ruler Type is “Create New Line” and is used when you have started measuring from one point, but before you can complete the building outline you are blocked by an obstacle from doing more measurement. Pressing this Icon swaps the orientation & order of the lines, such that the next line added will be added to the first line originally drawn.

When a line is being edited, the end of the line the ruler adjusts is highlighted by a red dot. If you require to edit the other end of the line, then pressing this Icon will swap the red dot to the other end of the line, then pressing this Icon will swap the red dot to the other end of the line and that end will now be adjusted then the ruler is moved.

The scale of the ruler may be changed by tapping on this Icon. This will change the scale of the ruler so that the teeth are either spaced at 10cm intervals or 1cm intervals (in the case of “Fine”). Note that when your finger lifts off the ruler after making an adjustment the ruler will snap to the nearest tooth (i.e. Either to the nearest 10cm or nearest 1cm).


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