Send Report / Report Approved for Release

This workflow event is triggered when the job status is set to Report Approved for Release, when the job is set to Approved from the Review & Approve screen, or when the Send button is clicked from the job card.

For this example, we will demonstrate the valuer/typist setting the job status to Report Approved for Release.

NB: As advised during staff training, the Send Report function is intended only to be used to force sending of a report, for example to an additional recipient.  When initially releasing a job to the client the Report Approved for Release status should be set.

To set Report Approved for Release, click the Status of the job from the Work in Progress list to open the Status popup.

From the Status popup, select the Report Approved for Release status option, then click the Change Status Button.

You will now be prompted with the Report Approved for Release reply packet to VMS.  Simply click the Send button to queue this message to be sent to VMS.


  • VMS impose a character limit for certain fields that are sent via the LIXI integration. To handle this, VMS XML templates in ValuePRO are designed to trim the data for fields that have a character limit to avoid processing errors in the VMS system. The VMS system will reflect the trimmed value, however the PDF report that is sent with the XML packet will contain the full field value, therefore you will need to ensure that a valid PDF Valuation Report is attached and sent with the XML packet.


  • VMS allow the final XML packets to be sent with or without sales evidence. If you are using the “VMS – Full Report” XML template, the sales evidence will be included in the final XML packet. You will need to ensure that the 6 additional VMS-specific Comparison fields, which are displayed when you tick a sale to be included as a comparable sale, have a valid value. These fields are: Land Comparison, Improvements Comparison, Location Comparison, Condition Comparison, Other Comparison and Overall Comparison.


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