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The Customise Search tab is only visible for Master User user accounts and allow the Master User to control the fields that are included in the custom fields in the Advanced section of the Search Criteria View.

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The Customise Search page will display a list of all the fields in the Valuations table. Two columns of data will be displayed in the list:

  1. Field Name - The name of the field as plain text and;
  2. Allow For Search - A checkbox to indicate if the field is ticked or un-ticked to be included in the select list of the custom search fields in Advanced Search mode.

The fields are grouped together based on the tabs that they are intended to be displayed on.

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If the Allow in Search checkbox is ticked, the field will be visible in the custom search fields select list while in Advanced mode.


Save Changes Button

Clicking the Save Changes button will save any changes made to the Allow in Search checkbox for each field in the list.

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