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Given that Valuers are a key player in the financial services sector, and a major check and balance on mortgage lending in particular, there is an obvious element of risk and threat to their systems by those engaged in organised mortgage fraud and other sophisticated financial crimes.

A key foundation for providing security of any system is to have a secure facility to host the server and network equipment that will be supplying the service to a valuation firm. It is essential to put up significant barriers to the most common attack vectors to such equipment.  As such we select to install ValuePRO service nodes only at Tier 3 and better data centres and with appropriately qualified cloud service providers and on-site facilities management specialists.

Our expertise and experience developed over more than a decade in doing this at scale eliminates a key vulnerability that would otherwise be faced if your ValuePRO instance was operated on equipment hosted in a standard valuation firm office space environment.

AWS Sydney Availability Zones  - Primary Site for Australian and New Zealand based clients of ValuePRO


Our AWS (Amazon Web Services) based infrastructure is housed in Australia at the Equinix Sydney Data Centres.  The application services we make use of include EC2, EBS, S3, Glacier, Route53 and a variety of other tools that provide ValuePRO with a rock solid hosting environment.  Each service we use is replicated across at least 2 of the physically separated Availability Zones offered

By way of background, Equinix is located near the Sydney Central Business District, Australia’s largest corporate and financial centre, Equinix colocation facilities are the only place where companies can set up direct links to both of the continent’s two largest peering points: the Southern Cross Cable Head, a trans-Pacific network of telecommunications cables, and the PIPE Pacific Cable network that runs from Australia to Guam.

The Sydney colocation facilities we use also offer:

  • Three buildings within the Equinix Sydney campus with 14,000 square metres of colocation space
  • Availability to 130+ network service providers, the highest carrier density in Australia
  • Two-time recipient of the Australia Data Center of the Year award from Frost & Sullivan (2011, 2012)
  • Best Data Center Services Provider award from Telecom Asia magazine (2013)
  • Access to stock exchange participants and financial services providers including Chi-X and Bloomberg
  • Trusted as the hosting environment for more than 190 cloud and IT service providers offering a full range of managed services and cloud solutions
  • Largest collection of international and regional networks in Australia
  • Equinix Internet Exchange is the largest network peering platform in the Australian market
  • Integrated with core electronic trading and capital markets in Sydney. Hosts multiple execution venues across multiple asset classes and ticker plants for multiple market data providers alongside core network and regional access providers
  • Located very close to trans-oceanic cable stations, facilitating global connectivity for financial services community
  • Hosts the growing electronic payments industry, including payment gateways, aggregators, banks and network providers

Many of our valuation customers do valuation work for Australia's major financial institutions and lenders - and many of those same lenders also operate their IT infrastructure from this same facility. 

NextDC Brisbane - Primary Redundant Failover Site


ValuePRO also purchases and manages fully redundant replicated hosting nodes in Brisbane, Australia.  The NextDC B1 node is live replicated to our AWS/Equinix hosted services - giving us the ability to near immediately flip over services from our primary sites to a live back up.  We make use of extensively customised SuperMicro Host Equipment using all Solid State Drives and the latest processor technology.

  • NextDC B1 is located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, close to all major road networks and public transport links and 400 metres from ValuePRO's Head Office. This premium facility is Queensland’s most fibre-connected commercial data centre, and has been retrofitted to our high standards for power, security and cooling.
  • Over 80% of the B1’s construction is solid concrete, providing extra security and fire protection, while the elevated Wharf St location means B1 was well above the peak levels of the 2011 and 1974 floods.
  • Most of B1’s original windows have been sheeted over internally with two layers of fire sheeting to provide fire protection from adjacent buildings, as well as insulation from the warm Queensland conditions.
  • An ASX300 company and Australia’s only independent data centre operator with a national presence, NEXTDC provides a range of highly flexible, resilient and secure colocation services to government, enterprise and IT services organisations.
  • Supporting the growth of cloud computing and virtualisation, our next-generation data centres offer superior physical security and connectivity, energy-efficient cooling and high-density power.
  • Plus, with on-demand monitoring and remote controls through our award-winning data centre management tool, ONEDC®, NEXTDC is redefining Data-Centre-as-a-Service (DCaaS). 

iSeek - Secondary Redundant Failover Site


ValuePRO also co-locates a further company owned backup node at the iSeek data centre within the Brisbane Airport Precinct.  This backup node is connected via dedicated dark fibre to our NextDC B1 node.

Built on availability, agility, security and environmental sustainability, iseek’s award winning Enterprise Class Data Centre in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, delivers a state-of-the-art, highly secure and robust hosting environment for business critical infrastructure. Employing the latest in data centre technology and design, iseek’s facility has established new industry standards for next-generation green data centres within Australia.

Located within close proximity to Brisbane’s CBD, iseek’s purpose-built Eagle Farm data centre is ideally placed to provide corporate, enterprise and government clients with a broad range of colocation, network connectivity and support services.

Key Features:

  • Winner of the 2012 WSP Award for Best Sustainable Development – New Buildings
  • Australia’s most architecturally significant and energy efficient data centre
  • Designed and built to Tier III classification
  • 600mm raised floor for cooling and infrastructure
  •  2 corporate boardrooms equipped with presentation functionality
  • 9 staging rooms for equipment set up, storage or disaster recovery
  • Floor loading capacity of 12kPa
  • PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.3
  •  Approved Federal Government Data Centre 

Tata Communications Hyderabad Data Centre - Primary Production Site for Indian Customers



For our Indian based customers, ValuePRO is currently expanding its infrastructure onto the Hyderabad premium data centre services offered by India's leading cloud services provider, Tata Communications.

This facility ensures low latency delivery of service within India and eliminates our customer's concerns regarding data sovereignty.  In addition, our clients can optionally elect to have their content replicated to one of our overseas data centre nodes for further redundancy and Disaster Recovery options.

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