Manually Registering a New Job

A new valuation request can be registered in ValuePRO in any of the following ways:

Using the Add Valuation Wizard 

1.  Open manual wizard

Click on the Add A Valuation (1) option to open the Add Valuation Wizard.


2.  Enter address

Enter the property address of the valuation request (1), then click the Next button (2). As you type in the Street Name field, the system will auto suggest the full address. You can either select a suggested address or ignore the suggestions and continue entering the address.


3. Previous valuation check

An address check if performed to find if there are any existing jobs in the system that match the address entered. If a match/matches are found, a list of addresses will be presented to allow a previously valued property to be selected and have specifically selected data/documents/photos copied from the previous job into the new job.

If no matches are returned, the user will go straight to the next step.


4. Allocate a Valuer

A list of Valuers is presented to allocate to the job. Valuers are grouped by the Offices they belong to and the workload of each Valuer is also shown to assist the admin user entering the job to select the least busy Valuer to allocate the job to, then click the Next (2) button to continue.

Optionally, the admin user can choose to not allocate the job to a Valuer at this stage (1), then click the Next (2) button to continue.


5. Job & Contact Details

The final step is where the remaining important data is entered, in particular:

(1) Ensure that the selected office is the correct office handling the job (if your system has multiple offices);

(2) Ensure that the Data Entry Template, Property Type, Purpose and Type of Report fields are filled (required fields);

(3) Begin typing the name of the client in the Organisation/Client field. The system will auto suggest a list of existing clients in your system that you can select from. If the client if a new client, select the Add New Client option to enter the new client's details. The clients details will then be automatically prefill client fields on this page (required field);

(4) Enter the Loan ID Number from the valuation request. This could be the unique number of the request from the firm that requested the valuation (required);

(5) Ensure that the Requestor Name and Client Phone Number fields are filled. This is usually the name and contact number of the person that requested the valuation (required);

(6) Ensure that the email address in the Email Report To field is the email address of the person the final valuation report is to be sent to (required);

(7) Ensure that the Contact for Access (Name/Ph) field is filled. This is usually the name and contact number of the person that the firm is to contact to arrange an inspection of the property (required);

(8) If the customer has provided an Estimated Market Value, this should be entered into the Customer's EMV field (not required);

(9) Ensure that the Invoice Job To field contains the client that the invoice is to billed to. This is usually prefilled when the client is selected in step (3) (required);

Once all the required fields are filled in, press the Next (10) button to create the job.


Create New Job from an Email

 An optional feature allows you to redirect emails into ValuePRO to be made available in the Email Center. From here, emails (and any documents attached to the email) can be used to create a new job in the system.


1. Email Center


Click on the Email Center (1) option, then choose the email (2) to use to create the new job.


2. View Email


When the email opens, you will see the Add Job Wizard (1) on the left hand side and the email (2) displayed on the right hand side. Continue the steps outlined above in Using the Add Valuation Wizard to add the new job with the information from the email.

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