TallyLINK Integration

The TallyLINK extension allows ValuePRO users the ability to synchronise accounting functionality between ValuePRO and the Tally accounting system. This establishes a link between the two software packages, allowing invoice details to be transferred from ValuePRO to Tally.


Limitations of TallyLINK

At this stage, the TallyLINK integration on supports transferring data from ValuePRO to Tally, however there is no functionality to transfer data from Tally to ValuePRO at this stage.

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How It Works

In order to use TallyLINK, you will need to contact ValuePRO Support to perform the initial setup between your installation of Tally and ValuePRO.

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1. Connect to Tally

Once ValuePRO has confirmed that your Tally software is linked to your ValuePRO application, you can log into the ValuePRO application and go to the Reports | AccountsLINK tab. Click on the Connect to Tally button or by going directly to the following URL: http://tally.[your ValuePRO company domain].com.

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2. Sync Invoices from ValuePRO to Tally

Select the Company Name (1) and either Bank or Cash (2) book from the select list, then press the Import Data To Tally button (3) to transfer invoices from ValuePRO to Tally.

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