Using the Toolbar

Logging In

To access the ValuePRO Outlook Toolbar, start the Microsoft Outlook program.


1. Go To ValuePRO Tab

Click on the ValuePRO tab at the top of the ribbon to reveal the Login button. Click the Login button to load the login page.

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2. Enter Login Details

When the login page is open, users will need to enter the following details:

  1. Mobile URL - This will be a specific URL for your application that is provided to you by ValuePRO. This is usually formatted as http://mobile.[your ValuePRO company domain].com.
  2. User Name - This will be the user name that is used to log into the ValuePRO application.
  3. Password - This will be the password that is used to log into the ValuePRO application.
  4. Remember Me Checkbox - Tick this checkbox if you want the toolbar to remember your Mobile URL and User Name. For security reasons, it will not remember your Password.

Once the details have been entered, click the Login button.

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3. Logging In

Once the login button is clicked, the toolbar will first attempt to validate your user credentials and if successful, it will begin downloading the list of valuation jobs, sales, leases and additional occupancies from the server.

While this is occurring, you will see the following splash screen. This process may take between a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the number of jobs allocated to you.

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4. Logged In

Once the data has been downloaded to the Outlook toolbar, the splash screen will disappear and a ValuePRO tab (1) will appear on the right-hand side of Outlook. It will default to the Opened Jobs tab and show a list of your current jobs.

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List View

Once users are logged in, they will be presented with a list of their currently open jobs in ValuePRO and any Sales, Leases and Additional Occupancies attached to the jobs.

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Searching for Jobs

The search function is available at the top of the List View and provides the user a drop down list of options and a field to enter search criteria. The drop down list contains the following options:

  1. All - Selecting this option displays all the jobs in the list without any filtering.
  2. Job Number - Selecting this option will filter the jobs in the list to only jobs where the job number matches the text entered into the search criteria field.
  3. Address - Selecting this option will filter the jobs in the list to only jobs where the address matches the text entered into the search criteria field.

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Refreshing List View

The Refresh button is available in the ValuePRO tab at the top of the ribbon. Clicking on this button will download any new jobs, sales, leases and occupancy records.

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Adding Emails/Attachments

Adding emailed attachments to an entity in ValuePRO is as simple as dragging and dropping the email to the entity in the list. Emailed attachments can be added to the following card types:

  • Valuation Jobs;
  • Sales;
  • Leases;
  • Additional Occupancies.

Once the email has been dragged and dropped on the appropriate entity, users will be presented with a dialog window with 2 fields per document:

  1. Default File - This allows the user to modify the title of the document to provide a description of the document's contents.
  2. Attached File - This allows the user to modify the file name of the attachments before uploading into ValuePRO.

If there are more than one documents attached, the user will receive a set of 2 fields per attachment to modify. Once the user is satisfied with the file name and document title, the Set & Send button (3) can be click to proceed with the sending of the documents to ValuePRO.

If the user chooses to not to send the documents to ValuePRO, the Cancel & Close button (4) can be clicked.

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Viewing Added Emails/Attachments

Once the Set & Send button is clicked, the email attachments will be transferred to ValuePRO and made available against the Valuation Job, Sale, Lease or Additional Occupancy that it was to be attached to.

To view the email attachments, users will need to log into their ValuePRO application, open the Valuation Job card and click on the Documents tab.

Any email attachments added to:

  • Valuation Job -  Will appear in the main section of the Documents tab (1);
  • Sale - Will appear in the Sales Evidence section under the appropriate Sale record (2);
  • Lease - Will appear in the Lease Evidence or Subject Lease section under the appropriate Lease record and;
  • Additional Occupancy - Will appear in the Additional Occupancy section under the appropriate Occupancy record.

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Logging Out

To log out from the Outlook toolbar, go to the ValuePRO tab at the top of the ribbon and click on it to see the Logout button (1).

Clicking on the Logout button will present the user with the following alert message:

Are you sure you want to logout?

Click on the Yes button (2) to log out or the No button (3) to cancel the log out and stay logged in.

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