Motor Vehicle Valuation Reports

ValuePRO is capable of generating almost any kind of sophisticated valuation report - not just of fixed immovable property such as Residential or Commercial Real Estate, but also movable assets such as plant and equipment, including motor vehicles.  To illustrate this, we provide below an example of a detailed motor vehicle valuation report compiled entirely in ValuePRO.

Entering the Basic Information


On the Job Card, you can see the basic vehicle information entered via our iPad application and/or the Web Browser interface.  Drop down boxes make it easy to enter frequently used sentences and phrases - making data entry very fast. 

Test Drive Checklist


Even replicate the test drive checklist on your iPad - use the list of issues inside your own excel based calculation model to compute the current value of the vehicle.  Have as many or as few checklist questions as you wish - apply different weightings and criticality to each issue identified.


Automate your Calculations using your own existing Excel Model


Easily take your existing MS Excel based vehicle valuation model and convert it into an automated analysis inside your ValuePRO reports.  You can even get your Excel models to write calculations back into the job card for this vehicle - giving you ultimate control over the valuation methodology in a familiar environment.


Automatically Generate your Completed Report


An example of the report formatted to this valuation firm's template in MS Word.  Easily arrange and format your reports from an existing MS Word template.


Integrate your Checklist in your MS Word Based Reports


Easily show detailed checklist results in the appendix or even the main body of your report.  Use Yes or No or more complicated 1 - 5 style scoring - the choice is yours.


Embed your Excel Valuation Model Results in your Final Valuation Report


Your excel model is automatically calculated for you and then the results are selectively displayed in your report - precisely how you want them.  No more re-working the same excel sheet every time you do a valuation report - its all automated. Just enter the raw data and out comes the report ready to be presented to the customer.


Easily add Photos of the Vehicle to your Report


Even photos taken from the iPhone and iPad versions of the application can be selectively included in your final report - as shown in the photos section above.

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