Recommended Controls on Printing, Sending and Exporting Data

In addition to the security of the infrastructure, servers and access to the application, the system also provides many security safeguards for the operation of your valuation practice as well.

Report PDF Security


The final printable report generated by a valuer using ValuePRO automatically supports several built in security features offered by the Adobe PDF format.  In the screen shot shown above, we see that the automatically generated report has been encrypted and that the reader of the file has access to the Print feature only. 

Customising Report PDF Security Settings on a per Client Basis


Above we see a view of the corresponding client card and the ability to tailor each of the specific PDF security attributes for any reports produced for them.

Some of the other security features can be turned on for a specific customer(s) only where required.  It’s even possible to set a client specific PDF read only password that must be entered before being able to open the report.

While the built in Adobe PDF format security itself is now quite straightforward to break for a skilled attacker, it cannot be broken by accident and any attempts to do so are then a recognised crime carrying severe penalties in most jurisdictions.


Adding a DRAFT Watermark to your Reports


Above: an incomplete report is printed, the DRAFT watermark features prominently

We also provide an option against each report format to place a “DRAFT” watermark across every page on the report until such time as it has been approved for release to the client:

This DRAFT watermark safeguards (to a degree) the valuation firm from accidental printouts falling into the hands of clients and then being used in an unapproved state, for example to fraudulently obtain a property mortgage.


Unique Impression Bar Code


Every single time a valuation report is printed, a unique impression or print event ID is generated.  Against each print event, we trace the logged in user who triggered the print, the IP Address and Session ID, the time and date, details of the device they were using when the print was initiated, the status of the job (eg was it in DRAFT or had it been approved for release) and the QA/Compliance rules PASS, WARNINGs and FAILs that were applicable at the time of printing.

This impression or print event ID can be imprinted on the report itself via our Bar Code merge field - the bar code can be placed by a Master User on any required page(s) of the report template.  The Bar Code creates a machine scannable version of the print event ID as well as a Human readable number.  

Valuation practices may then choose to enable on their customer portal for ValuePRO, a "Is this Report Genuine?" function.  The recipient of a valuation report may then scan the bar code on the printed report or enter the Bar Code number on the valuer's portal and from there we retrieve the data related to this specific report print event and can provide a GENUINE or NOT VALID certification response.


Export Restrictions


The system also contains various controls and settings to prevent the data you have recorded to be exported and extracted en masse by a valuer or admin user who intends to leave your firm and take a material portion of your accumulated data with them.  These export restrictions not only prevent the mass export of your data but also detect and alert you to specific cases where a given user has attempted to run a significant export that doesn't match up with the normal requirements of their job function.

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