Valex Integration

The Valex integration allows your ValuePRO application to communicate with your Valex account. This establishes a bi-directional capable link between Valex and ValuePRO, allowing Valex to send ValuePRO new valuation requests and updates to existing valuation jobs and in turn, allows ValuePRO to send workflow updates for valuations jobs and completed valuation requests back to Valex.

Requirements of Valex Integration

You must have an existing ValuePRO application with Valex integration setup and a valid panel account in the Valex system before proceeding. If you do not have a panel account in the Valex system, you will need to contact Valex directly to begin the process of becoming a panel member.


How It Works

The diagram below shows the main workflow of receiving and completing a Valex job within ValuePRO. These steps are covered in more detail in the ValuePRO internal user guide.

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