Release 5.7

Bug Fixes

Wrapping of the text in sales fields table view.

Job Tab Icon View - Correctly resize the Icon View when initially displaying the Icon View

Field Type Freetext - the Initial width was incorrect

Field Type Spinner

  • Ensure that the Photo View is positioned correctly after a rotation and when displayed in different controller widths.
  • Spinner View not displaying Photo Carousel

When using Continuous Updates, adding Photos from the Photo Roll caused duplicate Photos to be uploaded.

Improvements to performance when Startup time & changing Jobs.

Ensure Occupancy view is positioned correctly after rotating the device (iPad or iPhone)

Sales Mapping - geo-locate Sale if sale is selected for editing.

Sales Mapping - Update Table if Sale is selected as comparable from the Map callout.

Reverse the geocode the sales When it was selected the Sales as the comparable

The Sales Evidence table is Refreshed when the sale is selected/Deselected in the SalesMap

Backgrounding Issues

  • Only enable background processing if continuous updates are in use.
  • If continuous Update are in use and no updates are waiting then disable background mode & stop continuous updates. (Start continuous updates when the app becomes active)
  • If continuous Update are in use and app is in the background and the time remaining < 20 seconds then cancel the continuous updates.

Better Error checking when cleaning up after a new job is downloaded

Display correct subObjects after selecting an Occupancy

After downloading of New Jobs, when adding the new job, the cleanup process was failing in some circumstances.

Stop location updates when a sync is occurring.

Performance improvements when tapping on Selected Sales Icon.

Continuous Updates -

  • Deletion of records that were added on the iPad and subsequently deleted before the server processed the Added Record.
  • If a Photo Title included an ampersand "&" the continuous updates would fail.
  • Turning on Continuous Updates, closing the window before web service responds caused the app to crash.
  • Update subObjects for an occupancy correctly when new job data is downloaded.


Leases, when selecting next & previous field, ensure field goes to the correct field & Selected Tab is correctly displayed.

Sales, when selecting next & previous field, ensure field goes to the correct field & Selected Tab is correctly displayed.

Current Background Download Status was being reset when a different job was selected.

Ruler showing wrong length in add mode if editing line other than last line and undo pressed.

Editing a line of an incomplete polygon (other than the last line) using undo did not correctly undo changes to subsequent lines that were also updated.

Reset Polygon details after adding a new line when the protractor is being displayed.

When trying to map a Sale, do bounds checking before accessing the Sales Array. (Resolved Crash)

Correctly size bitmap when creating thumbnail for current Stencil.

Geocoding Address from Map - streamline functionality

Performance improvement - when building field list only check if Valuer is Master User once.

Sales Mapping

  • Geocoding and map plotting - correctly pass address to geocoder
  • Hide Filter Label & Button when Displaying Selected Sales

Sales Photos - Background download for multiple photos if they have not been previously downloaded

Address Mapping layout changes.

Document Annotations - Uploading of Annotations was silently failing.

If Geocoding fails, do not update the goto Sale details Icon.

Better Geocoding of Sales in New Zealand.

Icon Layout size after adding subObjects

Lease Photos not attached correctly to the Lease Comparison record

Syncing enable Done button only when the sync is complete

When Updating the address in the address exception View Table view moves to the top of the View.

Display Bluetooth button when a ruler is initially displayed if a BT Disto is connected.

Crash while selecting the state text field in the address exception view

Continuous Updates - Deletion of records that were added on the iPad and subsequently deleted before the server processed the Added Record.

Field name issue (outdoor & other areas) when updating the Valuation table whilst sketching.

In some circumstances, crash when displaying Room Type selection.

Fix Crash when currently selected attachment > number of attachments in the mediaAttachments array

Correct Occupancy View width when Sketching is in use and device is rotated

Wrapping of the text in sales fields tableview controller

Job Tab Icon View - Correctly resize the Icon View when initially displaying the Icon View

Crash when redisplaying Sales photos if a Photo has previously been removed

Fields of type Yes/No/Unknown were not updating the standard edition when the Unknown option was set.

Correctly deal with UK Pound & Euro.

Sales - Tapping on Tick box when unchecked will create mark sale as comparable.



  • Update ruler angle text and display when an Angle shortcut is pressed
  • In some circumstances, crash when displaying Room Type selection.
  • Tapping on Shortcuts for Angles sometimes changed the adjacent line causing the shortcuts to be updated incorrectly.
  • Do not show OK button on Double Ruler if mode is Polygon / Add lines.
  • When dragging control point for curved line, if line was part of a child polygon, the child polygon was not redrawn correctly.


Sketching - Undo issues

  • Extra undo created if tapping close to a vertex

  • Missing undo when adding new lines if 2 taps occur quickly.

  • When changing stencils save the current line being edited for undo purposes.

  • After an undo Clear shortcuts if a polygon is not being edited.

  • When a room is split and newly split wall lengths should respect the "New Room Line Labels" setting.


Updated / New Features

Make the app a universal app that is compatible with iOS9 / iOS10, iPad, iPad Pro12.9” & modern iPhones (iPhone 5S & later).

Photo Film Strip

A separator line has been added to separate the filmstrip from the field.


Heading Ruler

A new “Heading” ruler type has been added.



This allows the use to add a new line to an incomplete polygon.

If the device points in the direction of the Wall being added, the heading ruler suggests the correct button to press.

This ruler may be used in conjunction with a Bluetooth Disto to quickly add lines in the appropriate direction and adjust their length.


Valuer Signature Field Type

This field type allows the setup of a specimen signature on the iPad / iPhone.

This field type can be used to provide a signature that is embedded into the report for the job.


A specimen signature is created from a new entry on the Maintenance Menu.

This signature is used to verify the signature entered on the Valuer Signature Fields.


The verification level can be set to High Medium or Low depending on how accurately the user requires the signature to match.



The Tick box indicates that the signature has been verified.

If the signature is not verified, it will not be saved and transferred to the standard edition.


Medium & Fine scale settings for the Run Rise Ruler

Tapping on the Medium & Fine will change the scale of the Run Rise ruler.



Save Scribble to Photo Roll when Syncing

When syncing the iPad, if any scribbles are uploaded to the standard edition and also copied to the Photo roll on the iPad.


Angle Ruler & Incomplete Building

When adjusting the angle of a line and the building is incomplete, the angles and lengths of subsequent lines are preserved.

Here the angle of line highlighted line was changes from 135 degrees to 120 degrees






Shortcuts when Adding New Lines

The shortcuts displayed when adding new lines to a building now include shortcuts to all previous points of the incomplete building.


Show the user location on the sales map

The use location is shown on the Sales map with a Blue Circle with a circle animation


New button to display a callout to the nearest sale to the user location on sales map

Tapping on the nearest Sale button will display a callout on the Map to the nearest sale to the current location of the iPad.




Sending Log files to ValuePRO

When sending log files to ValuePRO the App now uses a web service and sends the log directly to ValuePRO. (Previously the app used either an internal email client or the Apple mail client to send the log file.)


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