iPhone - migrating to ValuePRO App version 5.7

The iPad version of the ValuePRO app has been changed so that it runs on both iPhone and the iPad.

To download the App from the app store you can open the link below in Safari on an iPhone.



The old iPhone app will no longer work on the upcoming version of iOS (due in Sept/Oct 2017).


To migrate to the new version please follow the steps below.

  • Ensure a sync has been performed and that the latest data from the iPhone App has been transferred to the standard Edition.
  • Contact your system administrator to reset up the licence key that is currently being used on the iPhone.
  • Install the ValuePRO from the App Store.
  • Enter the required parameters into the new App, including the licence key reset in above.
    (These can be copied from the existing iPhone App)
  • Sync the new App on the iPhone.
  • Verify that the new App has the jobs allocated to the user.

Once the above steps have been completed the old iPhone App can be removed from the Phone.


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