Release 5.8

New Functionality:

Send Database via a web service instead of using email.
Upload the annotated Documents on full sync
Disabled the delete button when the Photo tab is in tile mode
User Location for Lease Map has been added
Change Update Job to only download the current job
When "Continuous Updates" are in use a Skip button to Skip a single error has been added


Bug Fixes:

The Date Formatting in the Date/Time view was crashing after last release
Repositioning of the current Job in the List of Jobs was causing a crash under iOS 11
Check Living Area & Site Area fields exists before trying to update them after creating a Lease Sketch
If only a single lease is being downloaded as part of a background download - a crash was occurring.
Formatting issue of the Address when checking data from a Background Download of new Jobs
When merging 2 lines, check to see if the length label of both lines are hidden, if so hide the merged line label
Document Annotation - in some circumstances wrong annotation was being opened
Changes to Long Press View controller for better display on iPhone
Ensure the Initial setting of radius for the SalesMap is applied correctly
Do not clear text in the fields on the Worksheet when tapping to Edit a field
Selecting the user defined shape dismisses the view controller after selection...for iPhone version
When sending Log file display a screen with an activity controller which is removed when the file is queued up to be sent.
When closing the Photo Tab, some views were not being freed leading to memory leak, leading to eventual memory low conditions.
Background Download
Rebuild local Suburb table using latest Sales
In some circumstances a crash occurred when installing new jobs.
Bandwidth Settings - Text entry fields were not being saved
Sending Log file - Display screen allowing for Cancel or Sending of Log file.
Lease Photos were not being displayed
Added the Built About field (if it exists) to the Sales Table
Allow entry of just a lower value in the Sales Filter screen
iPhone - Photo tab for a field layout issues.
Sketching - Undo issue relating editing of multiple lines
Editing Date Time field caused crash
Maintenance Menu - Update Layout
Settings / Bandwidth Rules - current settings were not refreshed after an update
iPhone - Photo Layout issues in Landscape mode
Sketching, Pages screen, tapping on Regenerate PDF did not refresh the screen after the process had completed
When Editing a Photo title for a subObject, in some circumstances the subObject tile was being cleared.
Geocoding in NZ - Removing “District” from State when passing to the Geocoder
After deleting a Photo title is appears partly off the bottom of the screen
Sketching - the “Use Page” button does not close the pages screen
System defined stencils made non editable.
Adding multiple sub objects was shrinking the frame of the Icon View.


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