Document Annotation

It is possible to Annotate a document, which will be synced to the server when the iPad is synced.


To annotate a document tap on the Edit Document Icon (to the right of the Document Title)


This will display the edit Document Annotation Review screen


Tapping on Annotate Document (to the Right of the title) will show the Annotation screen.


Tapping on the Pen will display the Pen Type.


There are 2 pen types, Solid and Highlighter.

Tapping on the Color will allow the user to change the Pen colour


Once the Annotation is complete, tapping on "Done" will redisplay the Document Annotation Review screen.

Clicking on Done will confirm that the annotation should be saved.

Syncing the iPad will send any Annotations to the Standard Edition.

The Document Annotation will appear in the Document Tab for the Job.



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