Creating a Portfolio Job

This guide shows how to create a Portfolio job within ValuePRO Standard Edition.

1. Select the Add a Valuation menu.



2. In Step 1 of the Add a Valuation wizard, select the Portfolio radio button, provide a Property Name and specify the State/Territorial Authority, then press Next.



3. Allocate the valuer (if applicable at this stage).



4. In the last step of the Add a Valuation wizard, ensure that the selected Data Entry Template is setup for portfolio job. Provide the remaining details then press Next.




5. Once the job has been created, the user can now manage the child jobs. This can be done by opening the portfolio job card and looking through the tabs for the Portfolio Jobs section (usually located under the Summary tab).


6. To add a child job, press the Add Child Job and follow the wizard (it will be similar to creating a normal job).



7. Once the child job has been added successfully, it will be listed under the Portfolio Jobs section.




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