WORD - Merge fields

Step 1

Login to ValuePRO. Navigate to Templates -> Data Entry Templates and select the DET you wish to merge fields from.

In this article, I will be using the default Residential DET.

The ValuePRO home page


Step 2

In the window that pops-up, go to the Fields tab. In this tab, you can see all the fields used in every tab in your selected DET.

Edit Data Entry Template window


Step 3

The fields on the right side are the fields currently in use in the tab. The first word is the field's display name (aka Friendly Field Name), while the word in brackets is the field's ID (aka Actual Field Name).

Job Number (JobNumber) = Display Name (Field ID)


Step 4

Open a Word document, from the ribbon, Insert -> Quick Parts -> Field... 

Microsoft Word


Step 6

In the popup window, select MergeField and in Field name type Valuations. followed by the field ID. Then, click OK.
Note: Make sure to add a period (.) after Valuations (between Valuations and the field ID).

Word's Field window


Step 7

Done! Read Upload an RT to learn how to upload your template to use in ValuePRO.

End result

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