WORD - Merge Sales & Leases evidence

Step 1

Open a Word document and create a new table.

Example Word table


Step 2

Add the following MergeField above your table: TableStart:SalesEvidence
Add the following MergeField below your table: TableEnd:SalesEvidence
For help on inserting MergeFields into Word see Merge DET fields.

Example Word table


Step 3

Add MergeFields for the fields you want displayed in your report.

Example Word table


Step 4 (Optional)

For Leases evidence, simply repeat the above process but use the MergeFields TableStart:LeaseEvidence & TableEnd:LeaseEvidence instead.
Note: Make sure the fields you use exist in your Leases table!

Example Word table


Step 5

Upload your template to ValuePRO and the next time you hit the Generate Report button, all the sales listed under the Sales tab will automatically be displayed in the report in their own table!
For help on uploading your template see Upload an RT.

End result

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