WORD - Conditionally deleting sections with VPDel

You can use VPDel blocks to conditionally delete a section of a Report Template based upon the value of a field in the current valuation job.



Merge fields


Step 1

At the beginning of the section you would like conditionally deleted, insert the MergeField VPDelStart:Valuations.ActualFieldName_Condition_ConditionValue where:

  • ActualFieldName is the Actual Field Name of the field to evaluate the condition against
  • Condition is a condition found on the List of VPDel conditions
  • ConditionValue is the value to evaluate Valuations.ActualFieldName against


Step 2

At the end of the section you would like conditionally deleted, insert the same MergeField inserted in Step 1 but replacing VPDelStart with VPDelEnd. Everything between the Start and End tags will be deleted if the condition evaluates to true.

Have a look at the attached document to see an example of VPDel in action.

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