Release 6.1

Bug Fixes

Localisation updates
Icon images were not being displayed for some Tabs
Lease Filter layout issues on the Lease Map screen
Continuous Updates & Background download issues, if a background download occurs & there are outstanding continuous updates some info could be lost if the Download data was added before all continuous updates were processed.
When Rotating the rooms on the page - undoing displays multiple rulers when it shouldn't
After cloning a subObject ensure that the New subObject is highlighted and its icon is displayed in the list of Icons
After deletion of a subObject, ensure that the previous subObject in the List of Icons is displayed.
Removed Error message "Please enter a value in Settings for: Host" which is no longer required.
Cloning Issue - Display cloned subObject after cloning
Lease Map - Lease Filter Layout Issues on iPad
Lease Photos - Photo Toolbar layout issues under iOS 11
Lease Filter Layout Issues on iPhone X
Update Alert View when a sync error occurs.
Lease Details screen should respect the Download Photos setting
Add Send Log file to the Sync Alert Error message
Remove SMTP setting view - replace with email address
Title list append view was not honouring the Append Behaviour
SYNC window displays the wrong title when printing the Job.
In some circumstances the Sales Map filter button was hidden
Removed old SMTP Settings that are no longer required
When displaying Selected Sales, In some circumstances Sales Types headings were amalgamated
Updated message displayed when when a log file or a DB file is sent to ValuePRO and no connection is available.
Sketching - 
Add "4 Months" & "5 Months" to the Default Sales Filter settings
Display of obscured Password field was being truncated if it was longer than 6 characters
Exiting from the sketch after rotating causes the layout issue in icon view
When a new room is created, automatically display the Attributes Screen. (This is controlled by a new setting that is defaulted to "OFF".)
Directions to the property can optionally use Apple Maps instead of google mapsLayout issues for iOS10
Document Tab
Sales Photos
iPhone Layout issues:
Sales Filter not displayed
Sales Filter Current Job now displayed correctly
Layout issues on Sales Evidence List view

Ensure Keyboard does not cover the text when editing an Area Type on both n iPhone and an iPad.

Run Use ruler was not respecting re-scaled sketches
iPhone X - Grid was visible behind the Status bar
iPhone X - Sketch details did not extend to the bottom of the screen
Allow changing the Area Type without changing the Area Name
Smart Grid memory issues on the iPhone X

iPhone Sketching
After a Long Press & Editing Room Attributes caused sketch to exit when the Done button was tapped.
After a Long Press & Editing Room Attributes, tapping on help led to a dead end
Rotate Polygon Ruler - button layout issues resolved
Job Tabs view was truncated if the iPhone was rotated whilst Sketching

New Functionality

Added the functionality to delete the documents created on the iPad
Scaling & Expanding a Sketch without expanding the line & line labels widths.
When creating a Free Format Room name, new Add button to add this room to the List of Room Names

AR Sketching
Create a simple AR Sketch of walls by identifying the floor & tapping on corners of a room.
On closing the AR Sketch, transfer the 3D Sketch into the Existing 2D Sketch part of the App.

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