AR Sketching

On newer iPads and iPhones Apple have introduced ARKit (Augmented Reality library) .

The ValuePRO iOS app allows you to measure a room using the ARKit functionality by tapping on the corners of a room in the camera and then transferring the data into the existing 2D sketching part of the app.


The process of sketch creation using AR Sketching consists of 

  • AR Kit Calibration
  • Tapping on the corner points of a room
  • Closing the Room by Tapping on the first point or by using a Menu


AR Kit Calibrartion

Before measurements can be made AR Kit needs to be calibrated.

Once the AR View was displayed, the Calibration screen is displayed


Calibration will be completed once the device detects the floor, this is indicated by the empty square changed to a filled square



Marking points as corner points

Once calibration is complete, the corner points of a room can be marked. 

The buttons within the AR Kit screen are shown below



Tapping on the Mark Point as corner button will start sketching the room, and a grid showing the floor and a line connecting to the last point is drawn.




Tapping on the Add point button will add a further point.

As more points are added, virtual walls are drawn.



Once more than 2 points have been added, the Add Point button will change colour to Green.

This indicates that you can Tap and Hold on the Add Point to bring up the Complete Room dialog box.




Tapping and Holding on the Add point button will open the "Complete Room" dialog box



Once he Dialog is displayed, tapping on Complete Room will close the room.

A room may also be closed by tapping on a point close to the starting point of the room.


Once the room is completed another Dialog Box is displayed that allows for Adding of a second room or exiting from AR Sketching and displaying the Room in the 2D Sketching interface.


Once the AR Sketching is complete, the 2D representation of the Sketch is displayed, from where you can make adjustments, label Rooms & change Room Types.


AR Kit Quick Settings

The quick settings screen has 2 items to control some features within the AR Sketching screen



Snap Next wall to 90 degrees will ensure that if the next wall is close to a 90 degree angle for the previous wall, it will snap to exactly 90 degrees.


Display Target Shortcuts will display a white circle target to a suggested next corner.



Below is a demo AR Sketching working on an iPad.


Once a room is complete the 2D Sketch can be edited as normal.




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