Release 6.2

Bug Fixes

Photo Tab - the Toolbar was overlapped by the top navigation bar in some circumstances

Send Log file - display a detailed error message if an error occurs.

Yes/No/Unknown field - unknown value was being sent to the server with an incorrect value.

iPad location tracking had stopped working.

Annotate Document - Reinstate email functionality

Localise the Protractor for Right to Left Languages

Fix crash when editing a field type "TitleListLocked" interface data type

The Query run when trying to calculate counts of Sales in the Sales Filter ables was ignoring the Price Range.

Updated interface for sending Log files

Lease Tab - there was a performance issue when man leases were displayed in the Lease Tab.

Use Apple Mail setting has been removed

Send Log file - switch the locations of the OK and Cancel buttons

Send Inspection Delayed screen - Layout issues on iOS < iOS 11 & iPhone. 


  • Do not display Keyboard when ruler is displayed if BT Bridge setting = "ON" when not using a Disto
  • iPhone Layout issue - Allocating a Room
  • Picture/PDF background was overlapping lines draw on the Sketch


  • Tab View was displaying New/Prev fields when those buttons should be hidden
  • Update Address using Map - updated layout to abbreviate labels
  • After deleting a subObject do not automatically display the previous subobject.


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