Release 6.4

Changes since 6.2


Bug Fixes

Edit Address Field - Change Text of Geocoding button to "Update Latitude/Longitude Using Map"
Automatically Edit a scribble after it is created
Video tab toolbar was hidden under iOS 11
Video Recording is now Limited to 2 minutes
Update Latitude/Longitude using Map interface was failing
Build About field layout issues on iPhone X
Implement ValuationWorksheet functionality on the iPhone
Slider Interface layout issues
If the Title for an Occupancy was too short, selecting for edit caused a crash
Update Spelling for Allow Microphone usage request


  • Crash when tapping on Edit Room type if search retuned no Room Types
  • Add Margin to Secton headers on Area Type screen


New Functionality
Allow Editing of Job Address Details (controlled by a parameter)
Selected Sales count added to the Sales Map Title


(Note that due to a last minute change this app is labelled as 6.3 in the App store, but the Version number in the App is 6.4.1.)


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