Release 6.7

Changes Since Version 6.6


New/Updated Functionality
Lazy Download (selected instances only)
Add New Job (selected instances only)
Job List - Updated Design
Auto starting Continuous updates when requested before adding new job for instances with Add New Job functionality.
Highlight Sales that are not geo-coded on Sales map table view
Display Lock Icon on fields tabs if the field is read only

Bug Fixes
In some circumstances the exit button was not exiting ARSketching
Sync single (Request QA / Print / Calcualte etc) job will now only refresh the currently displayed Tab
Sales Map - Area label was being truncated
Lease Photos - Toolbar was missing
Job summary Living Area / Sire Area correctly displayed in Sales/Lease screens
SubObject slider fields with associated text fields were not updating the Slider Value correctly.
Send Log files - Allow to be sent over Cellular connections
If the address fields are not present on the valuation table....grey out the label of the cell that cannot be entered
When evaluating a formula on a decimal field output the value take into account the number of decimal places
Photos for a fields was missing its toolbar
Settings - After Updating a settings the details were not being refreshed in the table view.
An extra full stop was being added to the end of a Multiselect or multiselct plus field.
Lease view not displays the Rental Value & Trading as name correctly
Sketching - resolve issue with Angle Ruler interacting with a disto measurement
Layout issue on the Sales Evidence Map table, siteArea/bedroom/bathroom labels.
When editing the Job address "use current location" updates Country but does not update the lat/long on the Valuation Table.
Tapping on a Sale Photo was not displaying the High Resolution Media Viewer
The status of the Section headers was not preserved if Sale Details for a sale were displayed.
Trying to add a new sale on the iPhone was crashing the App
After adding a New Lease, the Select DET screen could not be dismissed
Tapping on the menu item "Job Search & Copy" was causing a crash
Valuation Worksheet, enable entry of fields on the insurance tab, allow entry of decimal point
Select Sales DET had an incorrect background colour
iPhone X - After displaying a Sales tab, on returning to the Icon view, the toolbar is overlapped by the Icon.

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