Release 6.9

Changes Since Version 6.7


Bug Fixes
For instances using field type "Label", in some circumstances the List of Fields on a tab was missing the Field name
The default sort order for Sales was ignoring the Default parameter set in the Settings screen
SubObject Tabs that have Slider fields were not causing in Error if "Continuous Updates" were in use.
Subject Leases, were not displaying the leases that were subject leases until the screen was refreshed by using the filter or switching between search & selected subject leases.
Deal correctly with Sales Address Editing in all NZ instances (some have different field setups)
Sales Map - background colour for non-geocoded Sales was incorrect in some circumstances
Spelling mistake in Settings screens (Friendly Name)
Jobs Map - not populating Geocode for Lazy Loading instances

New Functionality
Sale/Lease Job Cell now uses Same Thumbnail Image as Job List
New Splash Screen Design

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