Release 7.0

Changes Since Version 6.9

Bug Fixes

Continuous Updates

  • Deal correctly with Photo Upload result "Fail"
    Do not retry Photo Title update after a failure

Do not re-update the Latitude/Longitude when displaying Jobs Map if they have previously been updated.
Updated Job List view design - Portfolio header jobs - remove Thumbnail
Reverse Geocoding on Jobs Map now works for Lazy Download instances
After creating a new job a blank thumbnail was displayed
Updated the text of the Setting "Restricting the Sales Suburbs" to "Restrict Suburbs" as it also applies to Leases
Stripping of the HTML tags from Field type Label
Suburb missing from Sales/Lease Filter screen (any suburbs that have leases but no sales were missing)
Correctly position the input fields when editing a field in the Valuation Worksheet on iPhone type devices.


New Functionality
Lazy Loading - Implement Serial queue for downloads
Portfolio header Jobs now act as grouped table headers, detail jobs now slide underneath the Portfolio header jobs.


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