Release 7.3

Changes Since Release 7.1


Display Calendar View for sites not using Lazy Loading.
Currency Fields, not all locale's were correctly updating the Standard Edition.
Changed the return key text to Done in JobSearchBar on iPhone.
Some Photos attached to New Occupancy subObjcts were not being selected for uploading to the Standard Edition.
Better formatting for the Data Download figure when syncing.
Preclude "Remove Job" functionality for Portfolio Header Jobs.
Sync crash - Lazy Loading instances, If user has only 1 job the sync was cashing.
Full Sync / Upload Photo Error - Photos taken when editing an Occupancy created on the iPad were not being processed into the Standard Edition.
"Update Job" was not installing the newly downloaded Job and it had been downloaded.
Segment controller missing All segment when rebuilding the DB.
In some cases calendar mode highlights the two cells.
Updating the address when creating a Job using "Use Current Location" was failing.
Remove Job Count from Job Tab display.
In some circumstances the Job count was incorrect on the Job List screen.
currency symbol not being processed correctly.
Select Data Entry Template on Sales/Lease details was not being dismissed.
Sync Job - Clearer error messages when iPad is Offline / URL is incorrect or SSL Error occurs.

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