EXCEL - Conditionally hiding/deleting rows & columns

Rows and columns in the excel template can be hidden or deleted based on conditions. This is controlled using the comments feature in excel. The format of the comments needs to be “VPHideRow.TableNames.FieldName_condition_value”. “VPHideRow.” triggers that if the condition is true then the full row is to be hidden. This can also be substituted with “VPDeleteRow”, “VPHideColumn” or “VPDeleteColumn”. “TableNames.FieldName” is the field to compare, “condition” is the condition operator and “value” is the value to compare with. For example “VPHideRow.Valuations.InteriorCond_eq_” will mean hide row if Valuations.InteriorCond equals to empty string (field is empty).


Output: Row automatically hidden.


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