EXCEL - Writing back from an Excel formula/cell to a VP field using VPRightBack

ValuePRO Excel templates allows the ability to update the value of a field on the jobs card based on a calculated cell in the Excel template. This allows complex calculation to occur on Excel and save the output direct into ValuePRO. This is controlled using the Comments feature in MS Excel. The format of the comments needs to be “VPRightBack.TableName.FieldName” where “VPRightBack.” is the trigger to know that the value of the cell needs to update a field in ValuePRO and the “TableNames.FieldName” this the field in ValuePRO.

Step 1

In ValuePRO identify the field that needs to be updated from the excel template/model. You can use the Field card to identify the “TableNames” and “FieldName” of the respective field.


Step 2

In the MS Excel template select the cell you want to write back from and then go to Review -> Add Comment OR right click on the cell and click Add Comment. In the comment box, type “VPRightBack.Valuations.TotalPropertyAreas” (based on the above example). Once done upload the excel template into the system.


Step 3

When the excel template is generated either via the “Generate Report” or “Generate Model” button on the job card, the mapped cell will update the respective field with the calculated value.


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