GENERAL - Editing an existing Word or Excel template

To edit an excel or word template, download the template on the system and make the required changes. Once done, re-upload the template back to the system.

 Step 1

Go to Template -> Report Templates and click on the report template that needs editing.


Step 2

In the Report template card under the Layout tab, right click on the blue highlighted template name and click “Save target as” and save a copy of the template on the local machine. You can then edit the excel/word template as required.


Step 3

Once done, open the report template card again and use the “Upload New Template File” button to re-upload the edited template.


Step 4

In the upload process the system will automatically run a diagnostic on the template to ensure there are no errors in the template. If there are any error then this needs to be fixed and the template needs to be re-uploaded. When there is no error then the template is ready to be used.


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