Release 7.4

Changes Since Release 7.3 

Bug Fixes

The Domain name was incorrectly reported if domain was not found

Allow Lazy Download of Portfolio header jobs
Enable Add Job button for All Portfolio Header Jobs
Update Job in non "Lazy Loading" instances, the newly downloaded job does not appear in the Job List
After doing a rebuild, Syncing the iPad the Job List view has lost the segment "ALL"
Job List - Calendar Mode - in some circumstances 2 jobs were highlighted as Selected
Create Job - Better filtering of the available Report Templates
In Job Tab Table View only, when deleting a subObject the subObject details were still displayed
When grouping portfolio Job together ignore upper/lower case differences
A crash was occurring on selecting a Normal job or Portfolio header Job when refreshing the table view.

iPad Sketching

  • Correct the Popover size when displaying the List of Objects.
  • Sketching - Crash when removing the last Object
  • Remove Setting - Bluetooth Bridge


  • Performance Issue when exiting a Job
  • Job List - remove job highlighting
  • SubObject Media Attachment, job scribble view layout issue


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