Frequently Asked Questions


Will it work Indoors?

When indoors, SnapMap works best when you have:

  • well-lit rooms
  • flat floors
  • walls with visible features such as tiles, wallpaper, exposed brick, posters etc…


Why can’t SnapMap detect the walls of my building/room?

 SnapMap can’t always accurately see walls if they are perfectly flat, are a single colour and have no markings that your camera can pickup.

When this happens, you can always flip to manual mode and use the handy grid guides to tell SnapMap where the corners of your room or building are.


Can SnapMap be modified to suit the needs of my business?

 Absolutely – please get in touch with us at and we’d love to discuss your requirements.


How much does SnapMap cost?

The basic version of SnapMap will always be free to use.  We are hard at work developing many improvements to SnapMap aimed at professional users and these will become available later in the year for a very affordable monthly subscription through iTunes.



SnapMap is developed in Australia by ValuePRO

ValuePRO is a global software platform for professional property valuers

To learn more about ValuePRO, visit our site at


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