Release 7.6

What is in this Version

New Functionality
Continuous Updates - when skipping the error, the Update Queue is automatically refreshed to continue with the next update
Add the ability to Clone a Portfolio Detail job
Change Formatting of the Address in the Job List for Portfolio Header / Portfolio Jobs
Add 2 checkboxes to the Photo Details View - "Show in Report" & "Front Page" (if available in your instance)
Added Valuer Report Completed to the shortcuts menu (if available in your instance)

Bug Fixes
Deleted Comparison Sales not synced when Continuous Updates are not in use and Syncing a single Job (QA Request / Print Job etc)
Do not clear the line being edited when displaying the Double Ruler
Showing the user location on Geolocation screen called from Editing Adddress
When Changing the URL, the Rebuild Alert will be shown only when the settings view disappears
Area Attribute screen

  1. Text Size Label updated
  2. Tapping on the Colour will update the colour of the Area without needing to display the area title details.
  3. Remove Updating the Colour of a custom Area Name from the custom details screen.

Do not show the fields "Show in Report" & "Front Page" if the fields are not available
In some circumstances the Photo Title update was failing
Performance improvements when switching between Job List Calendar View & Inspecting View
For instances that do not pass the ValuerID the List of Jobs is Empty
For instances that use extended valuation tables, improve the speed of displaying a Tab with multiple extended valuation table fields
Change the Sync View screen Title to "Sync Complete" when syncing is completeDeal correctly with PortFolio Job that are not allocated to the user.
(Do not allow then to be selected, Display Job in Job List "All" view, do not allow job to be lazily downloaded)
Restart the "Continuous Updates Queue" automatically after skipping an error.
SubObject cloning was failing in some circumstances.

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