Release 7.9

Changes Since 7.8


Bug Fixes
Editing Sales Photos & Fields Show in Report / From Page
Continuous update failure when setting a field.
Hide fields if the Sale in not allocated to the Job
URL Checking - in some circumstances when testing for Web services a sync would not complete.
Check for Camera Authorisation before displaying the camera
If an occupancy Title is Blank, display when selecting an occupancy display a default occupancy title.
If User name is changed after syncing jobs could not be selected in some circumstances.
When using Continuous Updates when exiting from editing an address, if no changes were made do not send any updates to the standard edition.
Jobs can now be edited if they assigned to the inspecting Valuer or Assistant Valuer
Added Error code when displaying a error whilst syncing
Added button for directly opening the Camera on a Sale Photo
If the Photo tab is displayed, selecting another job that has no Photos displayed the Photo tab with no toolbar.
If a job is removed from the iPad by using Valuer Inspection Completed the job no longer appears in the All view

New Features
Display button to indicate a Job is not geocoded. Tapping on the button will display a dialog asking the user if the user wants to geocode the Job.
Added Camera Button to Sales table to directly add a sales Photo
If no Photo exists for a Sale, tapping on the "No Photo Image" will directly open up the Camera to Add a Photo.

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