Release 8.3

Changes Since 8.2

New Functionality

Remove Change Job status from Shortcuts menu, replace with new Button (lightning bolt) on Job Tabs list, this functionality replaces the Inspection Completed functionality.

Bug Fixes

After selecting and de-selecting a Sale as Comparable and switching between Selected and Search Tabs, a sale could appear twice in the list of Sales

In some circumstances a crash was occurring after a job had been downloaded in the background was loaded.

Tapping on the Lease Photo Tab when no Photos existed for the Lease did not automatically open the camera.

Audio tab - layout issues compatibility issues on iOS11 and earlier.

On syncing retry in the connection if an Error 53 occurs, this is normally caused by the App being put into the background and re-activated user iOS 12.

For slider fields if the associated text field does not exist on the same table, then hide the associated text field & lookup table.

Performance improvements when switching between views in the Job List

Sending Log file - minor interface capitalisation issue.


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