Release 8.4

Changes Since 8.3


New Functionality

Sales/Lease Filter - "Other Fields" are displayed now in alphabetical order.

When sketching, numbering of the rooms is now setting based.


Bug Fixes

In some circumstances "Continuous Updates" was attempting to upload 2 updates simultaneously.

Layout issues: Sales Tab / Picture Viewer on new iPad 11 inch & 12.9 inch models.

Better Sync Error handling when downloading Documents.

Sending Log file

  • Minor interface capitalisation issue.
  • Update the size for the log status window in iPad.

Update Job Status - implemented updated interface, Added Current Status, Update Associated date when done pressed even if no status was changed.

When creating a new sale, if the Default as comparable setting was set to true the Sales Capture record was not being created.

When starting the Continuous Updates, in no updates are outstanding, force a Sync to ensure data entered since the last sync is uploaded.

When creating a new job, ensure Journal record is correctly created detailing the Before & After values.

Ensure that when swiping between Sales Photos the Flags Inclide in Report & Front Page are refreshed.

Slider fields - deal correctly with Configurations where the associated text field is on a different table to the slider field.

Sync error - Remove Duplication of log file & associated menu items.

New Multi Image Picker using an updated Photo Framework.

When "Lazy Loading" a Job on an iPhone the loading status screen was incorrectly sized.

Lazy Loading - Stop Animation was not correctly stopping the download animation.

Updated icons images for the Continuous Update and Download Status.

Selecting the Sales on newer iPad's (iPad Pro 11" & iPad Pro 12.9") the occupancy view was overlapped by Icon View.

If the URL has been changed, when testing Credentials the new URL is now used.

if the mobile URL does not contain a prefix then the default prefix will now be https://

The message text when the appropriate web services are not available has been clarified.

If a textfield was being edited then selecting the value from the lookup options when moving to the next view the keyboard will hide, updating the DB with empty value for the text field.

When syncing, more "Details" have been added to the Details Panel, details now show when Reading data for a Table and when Populating a Table.

Stop iPad automatically sleeping if there are any outstanding Continuous Updates.

Sales and Lease searches implicitly relied on country and locality on the job card, a warning is being shown if either of these are blank.

Job Thumbnail was missing after Lazy Download.

If Lazy Loading is in use then "Update Current Job" should not be displayed in the shortcuts menu.

Lazy Loading - In some circumstances the background download was crashing.

Better Exif data when picking a Photo from the Photo Roll.

If Continuous Updates finds that it is offline, display the Status of Offline "Offline" (teal) not as "Off" off (black).

Ensure that the initial Sync Status is initially shown as Off-line until the Web Services are checked.

Obscure password when printing XML to log file when doing a full sync.

When editing the URL setting, if the setting screen was presented from the shortcuts popover dismissing the popover did not update the changed URL.

When deleing a subObject the icon scroll view was incorrectly been shrunk on an iPad Pro 11 inch.

The Send Database panel has been resized.

When Creating a new Job ensure that all fields are correctly escaped before attempting to write to the Database.

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